Monday, June 22, 2009

Fiona Progress Report

Capt. Forsyth writes via e-mail today that Fiona bypassed Provincetown, Mass and had a good sail all the way to Cape Sable.

But north of there she encountered heavy weather and tore the jib (the foremost sail). With Fiona now in port, the sail is being repaired by North Sails, a loft in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday this week is for winds up to 40 kt from the northeast which, he writes, "is no good for us." Forsyth hopes to leave Thursday (6/25/09) for St Johns, Newfoundland. He tells me, "I will meet you at Nuuk, on sched, all being well." [Photo by Eric Forsyth of Finoa in Antarctica]


  1. Is this a boat that one rents or is it just sort of passed on from Captain to Captain? GaP

  2. Bon voyage Russell!

    May you have:
    Fair winds to fill your sails
    Clear signals to tell the tales
    Few ice packs to block your way
    And the best adventures to fill each day!

    The Dunns

  3. Gary, the boat, a Westsail 42, was built by and owned by its skipper, Eric Forsyth, for 30 years.

    Dunns! Nice verse! Thanks!