Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fiona in Greenland, Russ Roberts in Iceland

Fiona made very good time completeting the passage from St. Johns to Nuuk in just under nine and a half days. I, meanwhile, am in the middle of my trip to join Fiona, spending several hours overnight in the Keflavik, Iceland airport. KEF is the international airport serving Reykjavik. The flight to Nuuk is scheduled for the morning.

There have been no SPOT positions recorded thus far. It hasn´t been for lack of trying. But it seems each time I make an attempt I am surrounded by metal, either in terminals or airplanes. I will try a couple more times tonight to find a clear view of the sky away from beams and rafters of steel.



  1. Hejsa

    Have a good trip up North and say hallo to the others on the boat.

    All the best

    Morten and Tine

  2. Hej Tine & Moren! Tak por din "Greenland Greetings!" I appreciate all you did for us back in Nuuk. Keep in touch!