Monday, July 27, 2009

Meeting Fleur Australe

Today we put on 300 liters of diesel (about 79 gallons).  The tanks are now topped off.

While in the Pisifik grocery store today I met the captain and crew of Fleur Australe, a French boat which is also attempting the Northwest Passage this year.  They are Phillippe Poupon and his wife and crewmate, Geraldine Danon.  The had several of their kids in tow.

Tonight Phillippe motored his dingy over to Fiona, picked us up and took us to Fleur for drinks.  There we met the rest of the family (the Poupons are sailing the Northwest Passage with a Jack Russell Terrier and four children, ages 1 to 13 years).  Geraldine's old make-up artist, Georges, completes the crew.  Make-up artist?  Geraldine is an actor in France.  On this trip she's Fleur documentary filmmaker.  Cameras are mounted around the nine month old steel ketch.  She is often seen with a camera on her shoulder.  It makes my effort with a little Canon seems paltry.

Phillippe, also known as "Phillou,"  is a veteran sailor.  While on board he showed us a book filled with his accomplishments, included winning two single handed transatlantic O-Star races more than twenty years ago.

Will we leave Upernavik tomorrow to begin crossing Baffin Bay.

-entry from Russ Roberts' journal


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