Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cure for a Squeeky Belt

We changed a squeeky, rattling engine belt this morning.  It powered the alternator and refrigerator compressor.  My job was to hold a wrench.  There is not much room for more active helping in Fiona's little engine room.  The belt changing job took just a little more than an hour.

This morning I recall drinking last night's rum, a special concoction Geraldine Danon gave us aboard Fleur Australe.  That visit was quite noisy.  So much for the silence of the arctic.  Not with an attention craving three year old!  But on Fiona some peace reigned on a cold, foggy morning.  Overnight the freighter Sea Bird berthed just feet in front of our boat.  He left and sailed into the brash filled harbor just as we did a few hours later at 10:00AM.

6:43PM:  We are well underway.  I wonder whether Fleur got away today.  We are sailing, finally, in light wind.  Today I worked my second celestial navigation problem.

-entry from Russ Roberts' journal

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