Monday, July 20, 2009

Leaving Nuuk

Fiona is watered and underway at 2PM local (GMT-2). Before departure, a fiasco at the water dock. A big red, commercial fishing boat decided we were in his place and almost literally pushed us out of the way after we were tied up. Rather than risk being hit, we moved and cast off lines as he continued to motor in, at one point getting as close as ten feet from our stern.

The temperature was 70F leaving Nuuk. It is 42F now @ 5:53PM at Kooken Islands light. We turned to a 304 [degree] heading. We are proceeding out to 55 30 W Long. We see the M/V Irena Arctica on the AIS at 1750 Lcl. Turned 40 deg starboard to pass. At 6:15 Lcl (2115GMT) turned to the waypoint (WPT) we have set at 65N55/30W. Present position (PPOS) is 64:04.7N 52:22.7W. 98nm miles to go to WPT.

My first watch on Fiona: 8-10PM. PPOS 64:09.675N 52:28.473W. OAT 40F. Sea temp 55F. ¼ sm in fog. Motoring. Eric wants to save the 20 year old radar's bearings. He only wants to sweep for icebergs every 15 minutes. At 5 knots and with the fog, we "outrun" our visibility in 3 minutes. The eyes on deck, peering into fog, become very important.

-entry from Russ Roberts' journal

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