Sunday, July 26, 2009

Motor Sailing Toward Upernavik

It is midnight.  The sun does not set tonight.  Fiona is at 70 degrees north [latitude].  More than twenty icebergs are in sight.  More keep popping up on the horizon.  CAVU, though, so we are blessed.  I do not like motoring through the icebergs with only the radar as a lookout.

It is 40F (again).  The seawater temperature is down to 48F.

2:00AM:  'Bergs and growlers in sight all watch.

7:07AM:  A smoke alarm goes off.  I wake up Eric.  It's odd that both Joe and Eric sleep through, not only the smoke, but the loud smoke alarm bell.  A hose clamp on the diesel's exhaust has disintegrated.  With the engine shut down we drift an hour while the clamp is replaced.

6:00PM:  Today I started feeling better.  A combination of no sea legs and the lousy feeling of insipid seasickness made for some rough going.  But, this afternoon, even though the chop kicked up a bit, I feel fine.  With Eric as instructor, I worked on learning celestial navigation today.  I took my first sun shot yesterday and the second today.  I cleaned up a bit, too, today.  Being a bit cleaner does wonders for my morale.

-entry from Russ Roberts' journal

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