Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Downside of Adventure ... A Week in Resolute

Resolute was established in 1947 as a weather station and military airfield. It is Canada's 2nd northernmost town with a population just over 200. An average yearly temperature of 2.5F degrees makes it one of the coldest inhabited places in the world. The area is experiencing 24 hours of daylight now until the middle of August when the days start to become shorter leading to the period of weeks of 24 hour sunless days. Today is 38F with drizzle.

Russ wrote on Thursday, "Right now our big thing is making plans on when to do the laundry. Not when to do the laundry, but making plans on deciding when to do the laundry. Plans for plans first, execution later. That way we extend the project. We may buy a six pack of Coke this afternoon. The downside of adventure; boredom." ~DH~

entry from Russ Roberts journal:

We unstuck Fiona from the mud and anchored in an ice free pool with fifteen feet of water.  A man called to us from shore.  "Are you looking for crew?"  

"Let's talk about it!"  We invited him to come by today for Happy Hour.

This morning we woke with big pieces of ice surrounding the boat on three sides.  During the day, the ice moved around with wind and tide, at times almost surrounding the vessel.  The wind is forecast to be from the east, so maybe the ice will move west which would give us a bit more room.  This afternoon the boat occasionally bumps a floe at leaset as high as the top of the cabin.  But there isn't anything we can do; we can't go anywhere.

The caller from shore arrived at five, right on time for a Fiona Cocktail.  His name is David Wilson.  From Fredericton, NB, he's a builder whose contract here has come to an end.  Rather than fly home he thinks it would be interesting to sail with us.  But he has no sailing experience.  Does not matter.  In an age old tradition we will take whatever help this landsman will bring to Fiona.  But think about it.  Getting your first taste of sailing on the Northwest Passage!

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