Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morning Watch

From Russ Roberts' journal entry:

0400:  On watch.  Quiet.  Occasional whale songs.  In the last hour we've started a drift to the southwest.  A change from the last 24 hours.  Wind seems to be starting to move.  It's forecast to be from the north.  This could give problems.  Better to have easterlies.  But then, we were supposed to have favorable southeasterlies and wound up here, stuck.

There!  Just now!  Another whale whistle!  Almost low enough to miss, the sound rises from the depths.

1000:   Same as before.  Thick fog last 18 hrs.

Even though the wind has shifted to the north at 10kts this AM we've yet to begin a real drift south.  Maybe when we do we can drift into Rae Strait!  After all, yesterday we "made good" 15 miles, in the wrong direction.   Fiona? She should be called Headwind!  A more pragmatic name.  You'd think an engineer like Eric would have thought that way.

It's cold and wet this morning; 32F, drizzle and fog.  We've been here too long; we're gettting lots of tea stains on the chart; better to move on so that we can space them out.

Laurier not coming.  Iqualuit CG advised they have change of plan.

Going a little crazy sitting, unmoving in this ice.

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