Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still Cooling the Jets in Resolute

entry from Russ Roberts journal:

The Mounties, Carol and Ted, came down to the boat yesterday to tell us about the bear.  It had been in town the night before we saw it swimming in the bay and had chased a kid down the street, or so the story goes.

We may wait another day or two before leaving.  We have set the 16th as our "bingo day," the decision day on whether to get underway for Cambridge Bay or turn around again for Greenland.  This, of course, is based on ice information we currently have available.  We'll look at the ice charts again today.  We will gaze into them as if they are crystal balls or prophets ...

David Wilson joined the boat today.  He moved onboard where immediately put him in rotation for dish washing duty (which we take in turns).  

"Dave, you'll soon marvel at the chemistry experiment we're running in the dish towel," we tell him.  

He also noted the sponges.  "I have a new dish rag," he said.  He then said he would do the dishes all the time.  Hoorah!  He said, being the new guy and sailing rookie, that he should carry the load wherever he can.  I think he might just want to exercise a little quality control galley hygiene.

This afternoon, while I worked at Azzi's gathering ice information, the three other guys hiked out to the wreck of a RCAF Lancaster bomber which crashed in the nineteen fifties.  Wrecks in Resolute are stripped of what is useful and then left to two Cornwallis Island seasons; winter and "not quite as cold."

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