Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ice Wrangling

entry from Russ Roberts journal:

Three times this morning we rousted out to reset the anchor.  The first time, at 0500, was when the anchor chain was found laying on top of an ice floe which lifted the anchor off the bottom.  The other two times was to get out of the way of incoming chunks of ice.  Other than that and a 25 knot wind, it is a quiet morning.

David came by to visit.  He slept on the idea of sailing with us and decided he would join us.  My sleep has been troubled the past few nights.  Tossing and turning, waiting for the next scrape of ice, I have not been able to get into a sleep cycle deep to dream.  That is too bad, because they were interesting, vivid and even exciting when I first got on the boat in Nuuk.  This is said to be quite normal.  The idea is one's dream life is enhanced by the unfamiliar rolling, pitching and noises when first getting to, or back to, sea.

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