Thursday, August 6, 2009

Days in Resolute

From Russ Roberts journal:

It is the 6th of August.  The days are ticking by.  I remember a couple of weeks ago, the whole boat not only damp but wet, the chop kicking us around, the boat heeled 20 to 25 degrees, the boat's head reeking, its saloon smelling like a locker room, me feeling a bit seasick [which undoubtedly exacerbated the entire experience] and thinking the trip would never end even as it had only started.  I was ready to get off Fiona the second day out.  Seasickness, even mild cases, will do that to a person.

This morning the German boat Fiona first saw in St. John's (and I first saw in Nuuk) is in the harbor with us in Resolute.  She is anchored in between Fleur Australe and us.  I wonder about their plans.  Same as us?

Last night we visited Fleur.  The visit was a little more comfortable than the first one in Upernavik; we are communicating a bit better (their English is not perfect and ours is "first week of high school" French).  I think, too, the atmosphere is better thanks to the showers we took.

Yesterday we fueled both Fiona and Fleur Australe.  By getting to within 100 feet of shore the hose from Azzi's truck was able to reach.  Since he was close to shore, Phillou elected to leave Fleur there on the ebbing tide so he could scrub on her bottom once she grounded.  A racer of fame, he claims he is "loosing a knot" because of growth on his eight month old hull.  A man who single handed race boats around the world, he is hardy.  In a wetsuit, in the Arctic, he stands in the water cleaning his boat.

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