Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fiona: Arriving Resolute

Entry from Russ Roberts' journal:

We approach Resolute through 4/10 coverage pack ice at 4AM.  There is some confusion where the actual village might lie.  We see Fleur Australe anchored near what looks like "the town."  But there is also a group of buildings near the jetties mentioned in the pilot book.  Eric says, "That one looks like a town" and we anchor near the jetties.  Tired, we just want to sleep and will sort out the identity question later.  Joe, before retiring, notices a lot of debris, metal mostly, in the water near a jetty.  "Well," he says, "I see a proactive recycling program here in Resolute!"

Later in the day we move the boat closer to Fleur and what turns out to be the "major center" of Resolute, on the northeast corner of the bay.  We dingy to shore and meet the Royal Canadian Mounted Police members, Carol and Ted.  They make calls to immigration in Ottawa and arrange to stamp our passports, this being our first official landing in Canada. 

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