Monday, August 3, 2009

Fiona Anchors at Beechey Island

On August 2, Russ, Eric, and Joey visited Beechey Island where Sir John Franklin's Expedition wintered over 1845-46. Armed with Fiona's shotgun as a precaution against aggressive polar bears, they visited grave sites of crew members who lost their lives there during Franklin's last Northwest Passage expedition. Position, 74 43N 9150W. Fiona planned to sail to Resolute today, 3 Aug. ~DH~

From Russ Roberts' journal:

We are in Erebus & Terror Bay.  Arrived at midnight.  The Russian Akademic Ioffee, anchored nearby, left shortly after our arrival.  Raised on Channel 16, he is on his way to Resolute and will be there at 7 A.M.

This morning awoke to find Fleur Australe anchored near the bay's mouth.  We are further east in fifty feet of water.  Later, we took the dingy to shore, paid respects to Franklin's dead and prepared our own contribution to the collection of correspondence compiled by passing vessels over the years.  They are all stored in pieces of metal pipe.

While napping this afternoon a trawler anchored nearby.  My bet it's Bagan.  Now there are three here in the bay.  We heard an overflying Dash 7, call sign "Transport 922," call on "16."  He was calling for Bagan but Fleur answered.  The airplane asked about points of departure and destination, advised on Canadian law regarding dumping trash or oil, bid the boat a good day and left.

By 8 P.M. we were underway for Resolute.  The estimated time underway is ten hours.  Passing the trawler Eric saw the name "Pitch Perfect" on the boat's side  He suspected that was the name of the boat.  I had not heard of a "Pitch Perfect" transitting the Northwest Passage this year.  However I gave him the benefit of the doubt that two Nordhavens may be making the run.  I was disappointed Eric did not call upon the vessel so we could say "hello" and solve the identity mystery on our way out of the bay.

Off watch tonight I dozed.  I seemed to remember the name of the trawler as "Silent Spring."  In my slumber I thought Rachel Carson's book title to be a good moniker for a NWP transiting vessel intent upon bringing attention to the environment.  Upon awakening I remember the name "Pitch Perfect."  It had nothing to do with Rachel Carson's book!  How did my sleep turn that into "Silent Spring?"  However, I do not think it's "Silent Spring" or "Pitch Perfect.  I think the boat is Bagan.

Clearing the headlands of Beechey Island we look back to see the sails of Fleur Australe.  Phillou, even in the light wind, has all canvass spread and looks to be taking a course closer to land, more direct toward Resolute.  Our course goes somewhat south to clear ice that shows on the forecast chart.
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